Monday, February 25, 2008


Did I already told you that I like skiing? I like ski. I like skiing through the mountain, feeling the cold air on my face, the speed, the exercise... seeing the landscape, earing the silence of the mountain, the white fluffy snow :). But one can find some unusual things while skiing. Near this track, I was attracted, like a crow, to a very bright glow on the snow. It caught my attention on the first pass. And on the second pass I stopped and discovered that it was actually a mobile phone. It was still working although it had a broken display and was covered with snow. We toke the mobile phone with us to give it to the lost&found but the owner called and soon we arranged to leave the mobile phone on his hotel reception desk. Curiosity saved a mobile phone :) Did I say already that I like skiing? ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mountain 'flowers' hotel

Trying to imagine this hotel without the flowers... now add lots of snow... Would you stop the car just to take the photo? Probably, no. That's why the flowers make all the difference. It's the red of the flowers, the green of the trees, the mountain background, the walls and sometimes a bit of snow. Also the location in the middle of a Pyrenees valley (in Andorra). Added with good memories. It's those thinks what makes a place worth stopping by and take a photo.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Some years ago, for the first time, I had to work during the Carnival. I was in the north of Germany and it was cold! But, we were determined to make the best of the non working hours we had. So we asked around and we were told that there was some interesting Carnival on an nearby city, Köln. The experience began on the highway where we could see entire families properly masquerade for the occasion inside the cars (very hard to miss :)). When we arrive we were amazed with all the special customs and the joy on the air. We watched closely the parade. I was amazed that even with a small compact camera people would stop and pose for me! Suddenly everything ended too soon, due to the cold (the highest of the day was -2 celsius). One should never stop being amazed with new things :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

'Sun work'

Every single day on the beach I watched this man working. He basically rents you a 'shadow' on the hot sand during the summer. The rent starts as soon as the sun rises and ends just before sunset. During this time he doesn't rest. He controls who is using the rented space and material without paying and makes new clients. His skin tone shows the dedication to his job. And, as any other business, he has 'regular' clients that know his story. Here he is packing everything to unpack again early in the morning of the next day. For some, Summer means beach, sea, sun, relaxation,... For him it means necessary money.