Thursday, January 24, 2008


At the first glance it doesn't seem but, if you look closer, it's actually a dam's water reservoir. Me and some friends found this place during a car trip stop on the nearest coffee shop. After the coffee, we walked around a little to stretch our legs and prepare for the rest of the trip. And while we were walking behind some nearby houses, we found this landscape. The place was very nice and we could noticed that it had been equipped for picnics. So nice that we actually stayed there more time than what we initial expected for this stop. The curious thing is that years have passed by and for several times we made similar trips around the same area, but we never found the coffee shop and the hidden landscape again.

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Lita said...

Há quantos anos foi mesmo??
Belos tempos em que todos tínhamos disponibilidade para estes passeios fantásticos!
São umas belas recordações!