Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Summer shower

It's was a partially cloudy warm August day. A little windy but not too much. I was walking through a green grass field near a coast. I remember looking at the sky a long time, don't know why. While looking I started to notice the cool effects of very dark clouds with the bright sun. I was amazed and taking pictures of it. Well, this one was the last before it started raining. Not your regular light summer rain here and there. No, this was the real thing. The "very wet" but warm version :) But I was loving it. It's great the sensation of being on the middle of warm rain :) It was near Corunã, in the north of Spain.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Teutoburg Forest

Some time ago, in my way to work everyday, I had to pass through a forest. I kind of miss those times. Passing through it on the end of the day with the last rays of sunshine, on the morning with the first rays of sunshine and sometimes (too many) during the night. I watched all seasons of the year on it. It also makes me remember all the laughs and talks between colleagues while driving through. During happy times and also sad times. Nowadays it makes me remember one of the guys that is no longer with us :(. This particular shot was the first time I saw the forest cover with snow. It's the Teutoburg Forest on the north of Germany.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


At the first glance it doesn't seem but, if you look closer, it's actually a dam's water reservoir. Me and some friends found this place during a car trip stop on the nearest coffee shop. After the coffee, we walked around a little to stretch our legs and prepare for the rest of the trip. And while we were walking behind some nearby houses, we found this landscape. The place was very nice and we could noticed that it had been equipped for picnics. So nice that we actually stayed there more time than what we initial expected for this stop. The curious thing is that years have passed by and for several times we made similar trips around the same area, but we never found the coffee shop and the hidden landscape again.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, what do you do while waiting to board near a gate? You phone someone; You check your email or read a book; You look out of the window to get a close watch on airplanes moving around the airport (snowing is usually extra); And, of course, you take pictures of the airplanes and to people doing all of the above :) (Frankfurt, Terminal A)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I love to fly during sometimes of day. Especially when coming home :). With the right combination of clouds and sunset there are some special beautiful sights. Just stretch on your seat, put some of your favorite music on your mp3 and just look through the window and remember happy things. In my case I also grab the camera :) This one was shot during one of those flights. I wanted to capture the moon and the sunset at the same time but it simply wasn’t possible. So I stick with the easiest one. You can not catch them all so catch the ones you can.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow Bicycle

It's was a regular medium cold Saturday on the north of Germany. Clear sky and sunny. Me and some colleagues went to a local bar/restaurant to lunch. In a table near the window we eat, talk and laugh for over two hours. But during desert we noticed that something was different: everything outside was slowing becoming white. It's was snowing!! Impossible, we said. But the sky was now very cloudy. And has we walked away from the restaurant it's snowing with more intensity. Still amazed and trying to walk faster this bicycle caught my attention. Didn't think too much and here it is. Expect the unexpected :)