Sunday, August 26, 2007

In line

It was the 4 of July and we were looking around for nice places near lakes in Wisconsin. They had already visited one they found nice during the weekend. So we went to this particular one but as soon as we got there we were charge $3 to park the car. Why? Because we weren’t from town and it was the 4 of July. Enough reasons to charge us differently from a Sunday (free). Because we hadn’t been charge before just to park the car near a lake, we stayed more time than usual to enjoy the “expensive” landscape. It wasn’t the price tag, just the notion of being charged. But it was worth it. The place was really nice and staying long enough I was able to take the time to notice these gulls all lined up in and old iron structure. And there it is. Stop, and take your time. You might see things otherwise you wouldn’t see.