Thursday, December 28, 2006

The curve

In a guided tour, on a cold February, we stopped in a place that didn't seem to be out of the ordinary for the current landscape. The guide just said to us to go straight along the road and be careful with the curve that was dangerous. Well, when I took this photo I didn't know what lied ahead. It was just another of those "I need to shot this" feelings. Actually when I got to the curve the river path on the right of the photo became a beautifully waterfall into a green valley. And the curve was 90 degrees to the left and down the valley. Fact: The most beautifully things are usually the most hidden ones. The place: south of Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Florence at night

I had spend the day walking around Florence, Italy but I had to make a 300km car trip after dinner. So I went into some work to choose the restaurant: I wanted something not too much expensive but where I could eat well (a reward after all the walking) without having to wait too much. Well, it turn out to be an expensive restaurant and they were taking forever to bring the food. So I left the restaurant in a hurry. While running to the car I was discovering Florence at night. I just had to stop a few times to just look. In one of those times I took this photo. Not too much time for preparations or thinking. Just had to place the camera in something hard and still (like a bridge), set the shutter and wait a few seconds. Even when we are running from one place to another we should take the most of every moment we live.


Me and squirrels have a little "war" going on for years. Every time I try to take a photo to one it always finds a way to spoil everything. Either running, turning the head, placing themselves in low light places, etc... This is my latest attempt to "catch" one in Hyde Park, London. I was focusing on the head and keeping with it while moving the camera. Someday I will take a good squirrel picture, someday!! I just have to keep trying.

Clouds over Frankfurt

While we were in circles around Frankfurt airport waiting for our turn to land, I saw this cloud scenario through the window. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready to take the photo for the few seconds I saw this. But I immediately realize that if we were in circles, in just a few more minutes I would see this again :) So I prepared the camera and waited. And this is the actual reward I got for waiting and having the necessary preparation time. Teaches one about the rewards of preparation and patience.

London Natural History museum

I recovered this picture more than a year later from my archive. It's the main hall of the London Natural History museum. Quite an impressive museum. Made me remember the feeling of curiosity for everything. I didn't know at the time the meaning of the figures on the roof. Made me thing of the number of things I see everyday that I only retain a small percentage.